• Minimal number of family clients
  • No ancillary businesses
  • Intensely qualitative, not mechanically quantitative investment research
  • Capital preservation emphasis
  • Sophisticated and experienced risk management
Benefits to you:

  • Ready accessibility to Northside’s key strategists and decision-makers
  • Improved understanding and comfort with the thinking behind your investment structure
  • Northside’s focus fosters a higher level of trust between us

We want our clients to be informed consumers of our investment management service. With a large asset base but quite modest number of client relationships, Northside is able to spend whatever time you need to understand and develop comfort with our recommendations. Clients frequently travel with us to interview managers on site at the managers’ offices.

Seemingly every investment printed piece carries a disclaimer that historical performance is not a guarantee of future performance. In fact, historical performance is a terrible predictor of future performance. Yet our industry persists in slavishly extrapolating historical trends into the future. Northside’s recommendations look forward, not in the rearview mirror, and our manager selections are the result of a due diligence process encompassing hours and hours of detailed discussions with candidate managers around individual portfolio positions, market views, and risk judgments. Our qualitative approach yields far better insights into manager talent than simply parsing historical performance.